Fireside Bourbon

Fireside is a full body robust Bourbon that we prefer sipped from a game-day flask, poured in a buddy’s glass, or served fireside amongst good friends and old stories. Smooth, but robust from aging, every taste stays true to barrels of white oak and the promise of perfection in a Colorado Bourbon.



Elevate Vodka

Boasting one of the cleanest finishes in the modern vodka realm, Elevate’s six-time distillation process offers a product that is incomparable to any other brand on the market. Using one of the only glass stills in the world, Elevate Vodka claims an unrivaled answer to the question of a perfect martini. Rocky Mountain H2O ensures unparalleled standards in water.


Cuidado Tequila

Blue Weber Agave from Jalisco, Mexico blended with filtered Rocky Mountain water gives our tequila a touch of Colorado. This premium Blanco has a slightly sweet aroma with pepper notes on the pallet and an incredibly smooth finish.



Peach Whiskey

All-natural peach flavor compliments the smooth, smoky profile of our flagship Fireside brand. Subtle Palisade peach notes on the nose and back of your pallet make this “the flavored whiskey for the serious whiskey drinker”.


Denver Dry Gin

Denver Dry brilliantly combines over three centuries of tradition to deliver something truly remarkable. Paying homage to traditional London Dry Gins, Denver Dry puts forward a complex pallet of Juniper, Citrus, Coriander, and Grains of Paradise. Classic to the bone, perfect for citrus inspired cocktails, this refreshing gin will satisfy any Gin lovers pallet.


Peg Leg Rum

Inspired by Hemingway’s ocean then reinvented by distillers at Mile High Spirits, Peg Leg White Rum reinvents your cocktail with fresh hints of coconut and the essence of vanilla. Our molasses and natural sugar cane fermentation highlight our distillation process, proving the ‘second-to-none’ notoriety we claim at MHS.


Punching Mule

Punching Mule is America's first Moscow Mule in a can. It is a gluten free cocktail, crafted with Mile High Spirits' own Elevate small batch vodka. Punching Mule is delivered in a can, perfect for outdoor activities. Punching Mule has real sugar, crisp lime, and delicious ginger beer.